VapeDynamics DIP

Say hello to the world’s most revolutionary, smart yet all-in-one solution dab rig vaporizer ever designed. With VapeDynamics DIP, you can seamlessly switch between flower & extracts modes for the optimal vaping experience. Unlike the leagues of other dab rig vaporizers, VapeDynamics DIP is built to provide the best potency, flavor and amped-up effects out of your extracts or flower with highly engineered heating technology. The rechargeable 4200 mAh premium battery core delivers prolonged and fulfilling vaping experience and around 45 sessions on a single charge. Top-notch medical-grade components, state-of-the-art technology and unyielding attention to detail show that our commitment to perfection is not just a statement. It is a promise so you can dab in peace, forever.

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DIP is the best for both worlds, it comes with two modes to enjoy - stick to extracts if that is more your style, or easily switch to flower. Match your preference with unprecedented purity and flavor.


VapeDynamics DIP has the most intuitive temperature control system available, introducing Intelligent Temp. Control™ that work flawlessly with dual modes via automated detection sensor.

To deliver the best potency, flavor and effects out of your extracts or flower, the DIP has carefully calibrated 4 preset temperature settings for both extract & dry herb modes:

◦ Extract mode: 450°F - 500°F - 550°F - 600°F; 

◦ Dry Herb mode: 390°F - 410°F - 430°F - 450°F. 

Simply press fire button to adjust your vapor density and find your very personalized DIP experience. 


Dry Herb Mode


DIP is the most powerful dab rig vaporizer ever designed. The 4200 mAh ultra premium battery core allows you to enjoy 40-45 session without breaking a sweat. 

Seamlessly blending the latest heating technology with hyper battery performance, the DIP offers unprecedented vapor production and flavor retention than any other robust dab rig vaporizers in today's world. 


The DIP is built to last with water-resistant structure with medical-grade components. No metal or plastic part touches your extracts or herb will contaminate the purity of your vapor. The Battery Management System (BMS) was integrated with eight Safety protection to offer more performance and ultimate longevity. 



Every single glass piece, down to the base that hold it together, is hand blown by our master craftsmen. 

We believe the details matter. The touch on the mouthpiece and inner filtration design adds water capacity while maximizing smoothness to your vaping experience.


Uncovering the ultimate design with DiP, it features a simple, tangible elegance that takes off the edge. With smoothed curves that fit perfectly in your hand, this is a beauty you can feel from your eyes to your fingertips.

1 Year Warranty

We stand behind our products and provide a 1 year warranty on VapeDynamics™ products.

VapeDynamics DIP Unboxed