DIP Accessories Kit

The DIP Dab Rig Vaporizer Accessories Kit includes all accessory pieces you need to equip your dabbing journey.


  • 1 * DIP Titanium Dabbing Tool 
  • 1 * DIP Replacement Carb Cap with Tether 
  • 1 * DIP Replacement Travel Cap


DIP Dab Tool

Dab tools are essential part of every dab session. The DIP dab tool is double-sided which has forked tip on one end and around tip on the other end. Ideal for picking up concentrates and pack the flowers into the chamber at the same time. 

DIP Replacement Carb Cap with Tether

The borosilicate glass DIP carp cab allows you to move the cap around to ensure all of your wax is vaporized efficiently. The bubble design allows you to control the airflow direction to maximize vaporization for lower temperature dabs.  

Replacement Travel Cap

You wish to take your DIP on a trip? Not a problem!

The DIP travel cap helps you to close the glass bubbler top safely and securely, which means, you can take your DIP basically everywhere, at the beach, at the park, and while travelling. 

Freedom is the Future, and the Future is Now!