VapeDynamics is a knowledge-based technology and design company located in Los Angeles, California, specializing in the design, research and development of herbal, extract and oil vaporizer products. Welcome To The Future Of Vaping. VapeDynamics, innovative design, state-of-the-art technology and unyielding attention to detail show that our commitment to perfection is not just a statement. It is a promise so you can vape in peace, forever. 

We are all about embracing freedom and putting freedom in the hands of the people. Our products are designed to deliver a 100% unique, enjoyable and personalized vaporizing experience. Located in beautiful Los Angeles, VapeDynamics offers state-of-the art, premium products at competitive prices. Most importantly, our designs keep the rule of simplicity as a keynote of elegance.


Constantly innovating, constantly improving, we never stop working to assure we offer our customers the highest quality vaporizing products of the world.


VapeDynamics is the next generation of premium vaporizers, offering customers the highest quality products at the most competitive price.




The VapeDynamics Aqua Stick is an essential oil vaporizer we introduced in 2016. This is one of the first portable e-nail in the market has been a perfect alternative for the traditional nail setup. With ergonomic design and fast heating technology, it offers an exceptional concentrate vaping experience anytime, and anywhere. 

VNAIL - 2017

The VnaiL is a premium titanium electronic nail attachment we launched in beginning of 2017. 

We realized portability & simplicity is key to any sort of the vaporizers. Vnail has perfectly transitioned from at home e-nail sessions into the pocket-size universal 510 thread E-Nail attachment. Together with Vnail, we also introduced the premium titanium heating technology which can reach as high as 1000°F in 5 seconds with ease. 

CERAWAX - 2017

We have foreseen the unique features of ceramic heating elements - it enhances longevity and generate a more clean, pure and smooth vapor out of your herbal or extracts.

During 2017, we have engineered the wickless ceramic heating technology on CeraWax tank. The special coil structure provides a pure premium extract vapor delivery that commonly plagues other concentrate atomizer tanks.  

HERA2 - 2018

Welcome to the Hera2 Era. Hera2 is one of the signature product among all VapeDynamics catalogs and it has been featured as the world's most advanced micro-processor ever designed for a vaporizer. 

The VUI touch screen technology allows you to easily customize the temperature with your finger tips; and the Ceramic & Stainless Steel dual-chamber, hybrid heating technology is able to deliver a ultimate quality vaping experience for both Herbal & Extract. At every possible opportunity, we engineer to work more intuitively. 

DIP - 2020

Say hello to the world’s most revolutionary, smart yet all-in-one solution dab rig vaporizer ever designed. 

With VapeDynamics DIP, you can seamlessly switch between flower & extracts modes for the optimal vaping experience. Unlike the leagues of other dab rig vaporizers, VapeDynamics DIP is built to provide the best potency, flavor and effects out of your extracts or flower with individually engineered heating systems. 

The rechargeable 4200 mAh premium battery core delivers ultra-longevity and fulfilling vaping experiences. With DIP, we promise you can dab in peace, forever.

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