January 26, 2021

There are a lot of reasons why people are switching from smoking and enjoying the benefits of using a dry herb vape:

Its most cost-efficient and allows herbs last longer

Dry herbs allow users to save a considerable amount of money when compared to smoking them. Smoking herbs can waste/burns more than 30% to 40% of your herbs straightly into the air, and you do not get the chance to inhale them. However, because of the temperature involved with vaping is lower and more controllable, it allows you to take the full effects out of your herbs. As a result, your cannabis vapor will be purer and more potent than smoking. Furthermore, the “Already Vaped Bud”, or AVB, which is the leftover after vaping herbs, contains considerable amount of cannabinoids which can be recycled to good use such as edibles and tinctures.

Better taste and a wider range of flavors and aromas

We love herbs because of their organic flavors and aromas. When it comes to smoking, it often destroys the taste of your herbs and most times, it gives off an extremely bitter taste. Vaping herbs, on the other side, will show us the true taste. The main difference is that you are not using high heating temperate and cause combustion. The combustion produces benzene and damages the active ingredients in your herbs. Smoking can give a quicker inhalation and bigger clouds, however, if you want to get a true taste and aroma from your herbs, I recommend you go with a herb vaporizer.

Reduced smell

One of the annoying issues with smoking is the smell other people complain about. Different kinds of herbs produce a strong aroma and smell. This can potentially spread within the area you are in, making your uncomfortable that knowing everyone is checking at you. If you want to keep it discreet, then you will find that the ultimate best choice is to use a vaporizer. It will, however, not take all the entire smell away but will definitely lower it down to a faint smell.

Best choice for medical purpose

Using herb vaporizers is a great choice for patients who are using cannabis for medical purposes. Vaporizers allows you to manage your dosage easily and it is much easier on your lungs or throat. Simple adjust your input amount in the herb chamber to receive your ideal dosage. 

Less tar or gunk

Smoking produces much more tar than vaping. It quite easy to understand because the vaping doesn’t consist of any combustion. However, many herb vaporizers can still have some gunk or residue forming in your herb chamber because oils can be slowly cooked out from the herbs. The best way to avoid inhaling any tar or residue is to have to water filtration system onto your herb vaporizers. The water can help filter our small particles that might otherwise blow into your mouth or airway. VapeDynamics DIP is one most powerful dry herb & extract dual-use dab rig vaporizer ever designed - its dry herb atomizer comes with fully embedded ceramic oven allows to homogeneously vaporize every part of your flower with no combustion and the glass attachment can quickly cool down your vapor and provide a smooth dry herb vaping experiences like never before. LEARN MORE

VapeDynamics DIP dry herb and extract dab rig vaporizer

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