October 15, 2020

VapeDynamics Announces Game-Changing Portable Dual Mode Dab Rig Vaporizer

DIP vaporizer offers intelligent temperature control and seamlessly handles all herbal and extract materials

Los Angeles, CA: VapeDynamics, an industry-leading manufacturer of personal herbal vaporizers, has announced the imminent launch of its new DIP vaporizer. Featuring hand-blown glass, intelligent microprocessor-based temperature control and a 4,200 mAh premium battery core, the optimized power band delivers up to 45 dab sessions with a single charge. With its convenient interchangeable dry herb and extract atomizer system, the DIP vaporizer is a truly game-changing device for discerning vapers who want to enjoy both dry herbs and wax extracts with a single device.

The DIP vaporizer is designed to straddle the line between portable battery-powered vaporizers and desktop vaporizers, which traditionally require power from a wall outlet. While the DIP vaporizer is larger than devices designed for pocket carrying, the larger size allows it to house a powerful 4,200 mAh battery. Since the DIP vaporizer has a much higher battery capacity than most battery-powered vaporizers, it can deliver as many as 40-45 vaping sessions per battery charge. The DIP vaporizer has a USB-C charging port and can charge as quickly as many pocket-sized vaporizers.

Unprecedented Flavor

“Our customers have always made it clear to us that, for them, flavor profile, high quality of dense vapor, potency, ease of use, affordability and durability are everything in vaping,” said VapeDynamics CEO, Okan S. “Vaping is a holistic experience, and people aren’t willing to compromise on any aspect.”

To that end, the DIP vaporizer can seamlessly switch between dry herb and extract modes offering up to 45 dab sessions with a single charge and atomizer components made from ceramic and stainless-steel for the ultimate in durability and convenience. The large hand-blown Diamond Glass mouthpiece component delivers unmatched purity of flavor and gives the vapor plenty of room to cool before it reaches the mouth.

 VapeDynamics Announces Game-Changing Portable Dual Mode Dab Rig Vaporizer

Best for Both Worlds

The DIP vaporizer is designed from the ground up to deliver the best herbal and wax vaping experience available anywhere. The device’s deep wax or dry herb chamber has plenty of room for a large serving of wax or dry herb and can support extended wax vaping sessions. In addition, the vaporizer’s included carb cap fits tightly and helps to ensure that no beneficial herbal compounds are wasted.

Intelligent Temperature Control

With its interchangeable atomizer system and microprocessor-controlled temperature control, the DIP vaporizer can offer an equally great experience whether it’s used for wax extracts or dry herbs. The microprocessor automatically adjusts the device’s temperature range based on the type of material being used. It reaches a maximum temperature of 600 degrees Fahrenheit for wax extracts and 450 degrees for dry herbs. Since the atomizer is removable, cleaning it is a snap; simply rub the inside of the atomizer with cotton swab dipped in alcohol to remove the residue or detach the atomizer for a soak in alcohol. Since the vaporizer’s ceramic chamber is removable, you can also use one ceramic chamber for vaping while cleaning another.

Premium Vaping at a Competitive Price Point

The DIP has also carried out VapeDynamics long-term mission, which has always been offering customers the highest quality product at the most competitive price. VapeDynamics has focused all efforts to streamline its business model and forego the additional costs added by the dealers or distributors in order to offer the best quality possible at the absolute best price. No one likes hidden fees, and paying a higher price with a traditional brick-and-mortar business model can feel like that. When you shop with VapeDynamics, there are NO hidden fees. While controlling every part of products’ lifespan, from manufacturing to storage to arriving on your doorstep, VapeDynamics allows you to enjoy all benefits of shopping without any added cost.

About VapeDynamics, Inc.:

Based in Los Angeles, California, VapeDynamics is an herbal, extract and oil vaporizer company that has always existed at the intersection of technology and design. Since the release of the AquaStick in 2014 – the world’s first portable e-nail for wax vaping – VapeDynamics has consistently released products that have allowed vapers to enjoy their herbs in new ways without ever compromising on their desire to own vaporizers with sleek, head-turning designs.

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