August 11, 2020

A cannabis concentrates are the highly potent mass made from the cannabis plant that have been processed to keep only the most desirable plant components, while removing other impurities. They are safe and yet the most common cannabis consumption form in the market. To consume the cannabis concentrates in the most quality and efficient way, there is dabbing equipment with specific setup appropriately activating the concentrated cannabinoids and terpenes. We commonly call the equipment the “dab rig”. 


The History Of Dab Rigs

“Hot Knifing”

history of dab rig vaporizer

History’s first dabs came from “hot knifing”. Cannabis connoisseurs from the 60s to 90s used to heat two knives on a stove and vaporize the cannabis concentrates once knives were glowing red. The vapor was inhaled through a tube or plastic bottle that had the base opened. The knives allow dabs to cool down quickly and generate a not bad flavor if you do it right. However, due to the fact not all knives are safe for dabbing, the method was quickly replaced later on. 

Swing Sets

what is swing sets

The origin of the first “dab rigs” were introduced by Hash Master Kut (HMK) and GGirl in 2006 - the “Swing Sets”. It is the first major evolution in dabbing technology after “hot knifing” with titanium skillet bong attachments. Heating the skillet through a torch, the cannabis concentrate got vaporized and inhaled through the glass pipe. The dabbing process with swing sets is much safer and more sophisticated than the “Hot Knifing” and it began the journey for glassblowers to focus more on design and functionalities on dab rigs. 


Today’s Dab Rigs

Domed & Domeless Nails

what is domed nails history of dab nails

Domed and domeless nails are the latest iteration of dab rig. The domed nails come with a glass dome and a nail. First you have to heat the nail, then quickly get the dome overtop and start dabbing. The dome helps enclose all the vapor of your cannabis concentrates and the heat will not go off easily. Many frequent dab rig users believe an extra dome piece is not necessary and it is another glass piece that needs to be cleaned and well-maintained. 

domeless nail history of dab nail

On the other hand, domeless nails allow more sufficient dabbing, which is also the most modern form of nails in dab rigs. All you have to do with a domeless nail is to heat it with a torch and dab straightaway. No need to fix the dome position or worry about the safety while you placing the dome onto the hot nail. Versatility is also another big advantage for domeless nails for domed nails - some domeless nails are able to be modified to fit multiple dab or joint fittings. 


What happens next? 

Electric Dab Rigs 

electric dab rig by VapeDynamics

Portability is one of the biggest challenges for dab rigs. To heat up the nails to a desired temperature, you have to have a torch and stopwatch or thermometer with you. It makes the dab rigs not portable and essentially leads the dab rig market toward electric dab rigs (e-Rigs). e-Rigs are similar to vape pens that are used to vaporize distillate, but they offer a more powerful platform for vaporizing all forms of concentrates, including shatter, budder and crumbles. e-Rigs are a perfect transition between a stationary dab rig for home use and a discreet, portable vape pen. No torch or stopwatch required, the e-Rigs is able to precisely control the temperature of your dabs. In addition or exact temperature control, the easy cleaning process and carry-on-the-go features made e-Rigs increasingly sought after today.

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