October 19, 2020

How to Clean a Wax Atomizer

Vape pens for waxes and other extracts are some of the greatest technological advancements ever to appear in the world of vaping. Wax extracts are both extremely potent and extremely discreet; you can use a wax pen just about anywhere without attracting unwanted attention. Most importantly, wax pens work on demand. If you want to use a dry herb vaporizer, you’ve got to prepare yourself for a lengthy vaping session because it’ll take time for the device’s oven to preheat. A wax pen, on the other hand, gives you vapor as soon as you press the button.

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Why Is Wax Vaporizer Maintenance So Important?

If you own a wax pen, you can potentially look forward to years of trouble-free service if you maintain your device correctly – and when it comes to owning a wax pen, cleaning is a major part of maintenance. It’s common for rosin and other herbal extracts to have tiny plant matter and other contaminations. Solid materials don’t vaporize, and over time, they’ll leave a sticky residue that robs a wax atomizer of its vapor production.

Residue also harms a wax atomizer’s flavor. An herbal wax or oil-based concentrate can deliver a pure expression of an herb’s delicate terpenes, but you won’t notice those terpenes if your atomizer has a thick coating of black residue; instead, everything will taste burned.

If you want your wax vaping experience to be everything it can be, you’ll need to clean your atomizer periodically. The good news is that cleaning a wax atomizer is so easy that you’ll be happy to make it a regular part of your vaping routine. Here’s how to do it.

Start by removing the atomizer from your wax pen. Set the pen aside.

Reclaim Any Waxy Residue

The easiest type of wax atomizer to clean is one that uses a ceramic bottom plate rather than a metal coil. Regardless of the type of atomizer you have, though, you’re probably going to find some waxy residue inside the atomizer when you open it up for cleaning. The residue may not be as potent as fresh wax, but it’s still full of cannabinoids and can be reclaimed and used again. If you want to get the most out of your herbal extracts, you’ve got to collect that residue so you can vape it again later.

Before you give your wax atomizer a deep cleaning, get a dab tool and use it to gather the waxy residue into little balls. Place the balls in a silicone container for later use. If you have a wax atomizer with a coil, be very careful when scraping under and around the coil; the metal is very delicate.

If you don’t think that there is enough residue in your wax atomizer to bother reclaiming it, you can skip this step. It’s a good idea, though, to reclaim as much of the wax as possible because it helps you get the most out of your very expensive extracts.

Cleaning Your Wax Atomizer

Here’s the best part about cleaning a wax atomizer: It’s extremely easy. Herbal waxes are soluble in alcohol. All that you need to do to make your atomizer look shiny and new, then, is dunk it in a bowl of isopropyl alcohol for at least an hour and preferably overnight. Agitate the bowl periodically to ensure that the alcohol completely penetrates through the residue.

After a lengthy soak, any residue remaining in your wax atomizer will be completely loosened. Rinse the atomizer in clean water, and it’ll come out looking clean and shiny.

Do you want to use every last bit of your expensive herbal extracts and avoid wasting even a minute amount? Instead of soaking your wax atomizer in rubbing alcohol, soak it in the highest-proof drinking alcohol that you can find. Since wax extracts are alcohol soluble, the alcohol absorbs all of the beneficial compounds that are stuck to the atomizer. Bottle your home-made herbal tincture and take a dropper at a time to enjoy the effects.

What to Do After Cleaning Your Wax Atomizer

After you finish cleaning your wax atomizer, it isn’t ready to use immediately. First, examine the atomizer for any traces of residue. If you can find more residue, rub it with your dab tool and rinse the atomizer in your sink again. The residue should rinse away easily.

Next, examine your atomizer’s airflow holes. Can you see through the holes, or are they still clogged with residue? You’re going to have trouble getting big, tasty clouds out of your wax pen if the holes are plugged, but you can clear the holes easily by bending a paper clip and pushing it through the holes. Rinse the atomizer again after cleaning the holes.

After rinsing the atomizer, put the mouthpiece on it. Blow through the mouthpiece while holding a paper towel over the bottom of the atomizer. That dislodges any remaining water and helps the atomizer dry a bit more quickly. Allow the atomizer to air dry for several hours or preferably overnight.

After the atomizer finishes drying, there’s just one more step before it’s ready to use. Connect the atomizer to your wax pen and pulse the pen’s fire button a few times to burn off any remaining residue. Your wax atomizer is now ready to use. After placing some wax on the coil and before taking your first deep puff, pulse the fire button to soften and melt the wax.

Reminder: Don’t Submerge Your Wax Pen

The last thing you need to remember about cleaning a wax atomizer is that, although it is perfectly safe to submerge an atomizer in water or alcohol, you can’t submerge your electronic items and therefore can’t clean your wax pen by dipping it. If there happens to be some stubborn residue stuck in the threading of your wax pen, you can get rid of the residue by rubbing it with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol. The alcohol loosens the residue for easy removal.

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